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Over the years, sales have undergone many changes. We started from door-to–door and moved to telesales. In the mid-90s, the first CRM was introduced and we began tracking all of our sales activities seamlessly. We are now in a new age of intelligence. It is exciting because it offers so many possibilities. Customers have high expectations. Customers have the highest expectations right now.

Salesforce Sales Cloud: What are the benefits for businesses?

Salesforce sales cloud offers many benefits that can help you grow your company manifolds.


1. Go Mobile

Mobility has become an integral part for businesses today as it allows you work anywhere and anytime. Salesforce sales cloud offers mobility solutions that allow you to monitor your sales activities from anywhere around the globe. This solution lets you track every activity of your sales team from any device, no matter where they are located. With just a few clicks, you can view dashboards, call logs and reports, as well as sales charts. You can also respond to calls.


2. Sales Forecasting

The sales cloud also offers forecasting, which helps you make better decisions. The sales cloud makes it easy to forecast sales. This feature gives you an instant view of the team forecasts. It also provides multicurrency support, overrides visibility, and helps you gain competitive advantage in your markets.


3. Your leads will increase

The salesforce cloud is the ideal platform to increase your conversion rates. The CRM platform is packed with all the necessary features and can turn you into a lead machine. This CRM platform offers a lead management function that allows you to track leads and monitor campaigns across all channels. It is well-known for its ability to provide the right data to help you improve your sales and marketing productivity.


4. AI can help you increase your productivity

The sales cloud is a market leader because it uses Artificial Intelligence, which is the most powerful tool available. Einstein AI is a technology that integrates into the sales cloud. It allows you to automate core processes, prioritize leads and aid your teams in closing them. The sales cloud’s AI automation is one of the greatest blessings your business can receive to increase its productivity and revenue.

Updated: January 24, 2023 — 2:41 am

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